Here are some more details

Regarding your referral fee: If I get a listing from a property owner in the complex because they got to know me through the videos, I would happily pay you 15% of my commission as a referral fee. If a property sold for $800,000 and my commission was 2.5%, I would receive $20,000. Your 15% of $20,000 would be $3,000. 

Regarding the Videos: I make about one or two a month. They are about a minute long. The topics include reviews of places to eat and drink (restaurants, delis, bars); upcoming special events in the community (concert series, old town happenings); tours of high priced mansions in places like Beverly Hills; and tours of places of interest (JPL, Rose Bowl).

Regarding the delivery of the videos to you: I provide you with a video link that you can paste into any email. When someone clicks the link they get a new window with a single video player on a blank page. The page has no other printing or ads. It’s clean and pleasant to look at.                   Click to see an example:


Regarding emailing the videos: You can send the video to your group in a standard email in your normal way. You can also use an email marketing service like Constant Contact. I like to use MailerLite. It’s free and pretty easy to use.


Regarding your appearance in the videos: If you would like to be in the videos and give a message to the group, that’s great. I can come shoot your part at the complex. It would be fun.